Sunday 07/15/18 Not Good Enough, But Special

Sunday 07/08/18 Rejoice in Weakness?

Sunday 07/01/18 Great is God's Faithfulness

Sunday 06/24/18 Who Jesus Is

Sunday 06/17/18 In Tents Living

Sunday 06/10/18 Tragedy Reversed

Sunday 06/3/18 Remember the Sabbath Day

Sunday 05/27/18 God So Loved the World

Sunday 05/20/18 Dem Bones

Sunday 05/13/18 Good News vs Fake News

Sunday 05/06/18 Confirmation

Sunday 4/29/18 Jesus is Greater

Sunday 4/15/18 They still disbelieved for joy

Sunday 4/8/18 My Lord and My God!

Sunday 4/1/18 Welcome Home

Sunday 3/25/18  Palm Sunday


Sunday 3/18/18 Can You Drink This Cup?

Sunday 3/11/18 See and Live

Sunday 3/4/18 The Law Is Good

Sunday 2/25/18 The Son of Man Must Suffer Many Things

Sunday 2/11/18 My beloved son; listen to Him

Sunday 2/4/18 He prayed

Sunday 1/28/18 The God of Second Chances

Sunday 1/21/18 They left their nets and followed Him

Sunday 1/14/18 A Divine Interruption

Sunday 12/24/17 According to Your Word

Sunday 12/10/17 God's Advent Highway Project

Sunday 12/3/17 Blessed is the coming kingdom!

Sunday 11/26/17 The Final Harvest

Sunday 11/19/17 Well done, good and faithful servant

Sunday 11/12/17 You Know Neither the Day Nor the Hour

Sunday 11/5/17 God Will Wipe Away Our Tears

Sunday 10/29/17 Reformation Day

Sunday 10/22/17 The Impact of Love

Sunday 10/15/17 The Secret of Contentment Part 4

Sunday 10/8/17 The Secret of Contentment Part 3

Sunday 9/24/17 What It Is To Be Content

Sunday 8/27/17 Ready or Not...

Sunday 8/20/17 A Crumb For Me

Sunday 8/13/17 The Word That Saves

Sunday 8/6/17 Gifts from God

Sunday 7/30/17 You Are Not Alone

Sunday 7/23/17 Not Home Yet

Sunday 7/9/17 The Blessed Wretchedness

Sunday 7/2/17 Our Freedom After the Law

Sunday 2/26/17 Moving Forward; Looking Backward (Matthew 17:1-9)

Sunday 2/5/17 A city set on a hill cannot be hidden (Matthew 5:14)

Sunday 1/29/17 Follow Me (Matthew 4:19)

Sunday 12/11/16 The Coming One?

Sunday 12/4/16 The Voice of Hope

Sunday 11/27/16 The Lord needs them

Sunday 11/20/16 Are We There Yet?

Sunday 11/06/16 Wait! There's More!

Sunday 10/25/16 Acceptable Sacrifice

Sunday 10/9/16 Be Strengthened

Sunday 9/11/16 How Do You, a Sinner, Bring Joy to God? Repent!

Sunday 9/3/16 Whoever does not bear his own cross... cannot be My disciple

Sunday 8/21/16 He who humbles himself will be exalted

Sunday 8/21/16 A Different Perspective

Sunday 8/14/16 A Big Lie

Sunday 8/07/16 Do Not Worry!

Sunday 7/31/16 Joyful Work

Sunday 7/24/16 The Lord's Prayer

Sunday 7/17/16 Let the Lord's Word Mesmerize You

Sunday 7/10/16 Wrong Question... but the Right Answer

Sunday 7/3/16 The one who hears you hears Me

Sunday 6/26/16 Follow Me

Sunday 6/19/16 Slave to Law, Child in Christ

Sunday 6/12/16 Justification By Grace Through Faith

Sunday 6/5/16 The Change that Glorifies

Sunday 5/22/16 The Holy Trinity

Sunday 5/15/16 Let's Talk

Sunday 5/8/16 Living in the SONlight.

Sunday 5/1/16 But take heart; I have overcome the world.

Sunday 4/24/16 A little while, and you will see Me no longer, Matthew Rief Confirmation

Sunday 4/17/16 My Sheep Hear My Voice

Sunday 4/10/16 Fishers of Men

Sunday 3/27/16 He Is Risen!

Sunday 3/13/16 Trivia

Sunday 2/28/16 The Problem of Evil

Sunday 2/7/16  The Transfiguration of Our Lord

Sunday 1/31/16  The Future is Now but Not Yet

Sunday 1/24/16  What if Jesus Came to Our Service Today?

Sunday 1/10/16  A Foretaste of The Feast to Come

Sunday 1/10/16  Celebrate the Death of Adam

Sunday 1/3/16  God's Perfect Glorious Gift

Sunday 12/27/15  My eyes have seen Your Salvation!

Sunday 12/13/15  Rejoice! Celebrate!

Sunday 12/6/15  God's Good Work in You

Sunday 11/29/15  The River Has Moved

Sunday 11/22/15  Prepare to Meet Thy God

Sunday 11/15/15  Waiting at the Bus Stop

Sunday 11/8/15  Confident! the Expectation of Christ

Sunday 11/1/15  God's Never-Ending Providence

Sunday 9/20/15  Servant of All

Sunday 9/13/15  Help My Unbelief

Sunday 9/6/15  Fear Not the Autumn Leaves

Sunday 8/30/15 When Sin is Under Your Skin

Sunday 8/23/15 Dirty Hands, Clean Hearts

Sunday 8/9/15 Delicious Self Pity

Sunday 8/2/15 A Good Grumble

Sunday 7/26/15 Blessed to Have the Armor of God

Sunday 7/19/15 Blessed to Have Vocation

Sunday 7/5/15 Blessed to Be One

Sunday 6/21/15 Blessed to Have the Walls of Hostility Broken Down

Sunday 6/14/15 Blessed to Be Made Alive

Sunday 6/7/15 Blessed in the Heavenly Places

Sunday 5/31/15 Do Or Done

Sunday 5/24/15 O Dry Bones

Sunday 5/17/15 Jesus' Final Word to His Church

Sunday 3/1/15 Costly Peace

Sunday 1/18/15 A "Come to Jesus" Moment

Sunday 1/11/15 Re-Made

Sunday 12/28/14 Born Into An Earthly Family; Then Adopted By God

Sunday 12/21/14 God's To-Do List

Sunday 10/5/14 No Ordinary Man

Sunday 9/28/14  Jesus' Ministry Begins

Sunday 8/17/14 The Story Part 18: Strangers in a Strange Land

Sunday 8/10/14 The Table is Set

Sunday 8/3/14    Growing In His Spirit

Sunday 7/27/14  Again, The Kingdom Of Heaven Is Like...

Sunday 7/20/14 The Good Seed

Sunday 7/6/14 My Yoke is Easy

Sunday 6/29/14 The Story Part 17: The Kingdom's Fall: When the Unthinkable Happens

Sunday 6/22/14 The Story Part 16: Connecting the Dots

Sunday 6/15/14 The Story Part 15: God's Messengers

Sunday 6/8/14 The Story Part 14: A Kingdom Torn in Two

Sunday 6/1/14 The Story Part 13: The Names of Christ

Sunday 5/25/14 The Story Part 12: The Slippery Slope of Sin

Sunday 5/18/14 The Story Part 11: I Am The Way, The Truth, And The Life

Sunday 5/11/14 The Good Shepherd Brings Abundant Life

Sunday 5/4/14 Seeing Things God's Way

Sunday 4/27/14 The Story Part 10: Standing Tall & Falling Hard

Sunday 4/20/14 Easter Sermon

Sunday 4/6/14 The Story Part 9: When Life is Bitter, Look to Your Redeemer

Sunday 3/30/14 The Story Part 8: The Judges

Sunday 3/23/14 The Story Part 7: The Battle Begins

Sunday 3/9/14 The Story Part 5: New Commands and a New Covenant

Sunday 2/16/14 The Story Part 2: God Builds a Nation or God's Questionable Choice?

Sunday 2/9/14 The Story Part 1: All I Really Need to Know, I Learned in Genesis

Sunday 2/2/14 Blessed are the Different

Sunday Night 1/26/14 Global Faith Institute in Omaha Presentation

Sunday 1/26/14 Real Darkness Needs Real Light

Sunday 1/12/14 The Incredible Power of Baptismal Water

Sunday 1/5/14 Adoption in Christ

Sunday 12/29/13 Christmas in a Nutshell

Sunday 12/22/13 Christ-Mass

Sunday 12/15/13 Patience

Sunday 12/08/13 Is there any Hope for the Human Race

Sunday 12/01/13 Poker

Sunday 11/24/13 The Ten Lepers

Sunday 11/10/13 Time to Wake Up

Sunday 11/03/13 The Lamb is On His Throne

Sunday 10/27/13 The Issue of the Reformation

Sunday 10/20/13 Preach the Word in Every Direction

Sunday 10/13/13 Things to Keep in Mine While Serving Christ

Sunday 10/06/13 You are witnesses of these things.

Sunday 9/29/13 Do You Remember

Sunday 7/28/13 How Much More?

Sunday 3/17/13        The Real Glory Days

Sunday 3/10/13        A New Point of View

Sunday 2/10/13        What's in it for me?

Sunday 12/16/12        REJOICE!

Sunday 1/13/13   You Were There!

Sunday 10/21/12 Are You Prepared?

Sunday 10/14/12 God Will Have Mercy On The Remnant

Sunday 10/7/12 Jesus Is Not Ashamed To Call Us Family

Sunday 9/30/12 What To Do While Waiting

Sunday 9/23/12 Beautiful Feet

Sunday 7/29/12 The I/Eye of the Storm

Sunday 7/01/12 Go In Peace and Be Healed

Sunday 4/8/12 Easter Sunday

Sunday 3/25/12 The Age of Self

Sunday 3/11/12 Church Cleaning Time

Sunday 2/26/12 The Devil is Finished

Sunday 2/12/12 When Jesus Touches You

Sunday 1/22/12 We Interrupt This Life for an Urgent Message

Sunday 1/15/12 Safeguarding words for Soul-Threatening Times

Sunday 12/18/11 Doxology to Jesus

Sunday 12/11/11 Do Don't and Done

Sunday 11/27/11 Ready and Waiting, Waiting and Ready

Sunday 11/13/11 Waiting for the Master's Return

Sunday 11/06/11 All Saint's Day

Sunday 10/30/11 Care to Dance, Praying Twice

Sunday 10/09/11 The Generosity of The King

Sunday 8/28/11 What is the Value of Your Soul

Sunday 8/21/11 Storming the Gates of Hell

Sunday 8/14/11 Mercy for One Mercy for All

Sunday 7/31/11 Jesus Sees. Jesus Knows. Jesus Acts.

Sunday 6/19/11 The Holy Trinity

Sunday 6/12/11 The Day of Pentacost

Sunday 6/5/11 Heaven's Point of View

Sunday 5/29/11 Sixth Sunday of Easter

Sunday 5/22/11 Comfort for Troubled Hearts

Sunday 5/15/11 The Church

Sunday 5/8/11 Brothers What Shall We Do?

Sunday 5/1/2011 Gamaliel's If

Sunday 4/24/2011 Easter

Friday 4/22/2011 Good Friday

Thursday 4/21/2011 Maundy Thursday

Sunday 4/17/2011 Confirmation

Sunday 4/10/2011: Dethroning the King of Terror

Sunday 4/3/2011:  The Healing of the Man Born Blind

Wednesday 3/30/2011:  Jesus, Peter and Me

Sunday 3/27/2011: Because God Said So!

Sunday 3/20/2011: God's Promises to Abraham

Wednesday 3/16/2011: Jesus, Peter and Me

Sunday 3/13/2011: Where are You?

Sunday 3/6/2011:  Lessons of the Transfiguration

Sunday 2/27/2011:  Faith Begins at Home

Sunday 2/20/2011:  Pass On The Baton

Sunday 2/13/2011:  As For Me And My Household

Sunday 1/23/2011:  Sanctity of Life Sunday

Sunday 1/16/2011:  Be a Disciple of the Lamb

Sunday 1/9/2011:  When Your Back is to the Wall

Sunday 1/2/2011:  Adopted and Blessed